Wednesday, February 15, 2012



· Cauliflower (Phool Gobhi)- 1kg (flower’s upper white portion diced in equal medium size)equally separated florets

· Turnip (Shalgam)- 1/2kg (peeled and cut in mediu/thin size)- chhilla hua aur kum patle katte huye
· Carrots (Gajar)- 1kg 500gms (Peeled and equally cut into two parts vertical approx.3inch size) (chhilli aur lagbhag 3inch. Lambai mein beech se katti huyi )
· Ginger and garlic paste (Lahsoon adrak ka paste)- 5big heaped full spoons (both garlic & ginger in equal proportion) (barabar hisse mein adrak, lahsoon)
· Rai dana (Mustard seeds)- roughly powdered half bowl – moti peesi huyi aadhi katori (barri katori)
· Jaggery (gur)- half kg (aadha kilo)
· Vinegar (sirka)- 1 cup
· Salt (Namak)- 4-5 table spoons approx.
· Kashmiri red chilli powder (degi lal mirch)- 2-3 teaspoons
· Mustard oil- Sarson ka tel (half cup)
· Garam masala- 1 tablespoon


· Wash gobhi, gajar, shalgam and keep aside
· Take big deep vessel (barri kardai) and fill 3/4th with water and bring it to boil, the time water is boiled at extreme, add the vegetables and constantly stir it for 1-1min30seconds and sieve the vegatables in bowl (Need is just to blanch the vegetables)- its better to blanch vegetables in day time so that can be dried in light sun
· In light sunlight/ shade, flatten a duppata/ malamal cloth and spread vegetables on it and cover with net/malmal cloth (please make sure not to keep in direct sunlight as it make spoil the vegetables) – till it is dried
· Take one big heavy bottom deep frying pan (barri bhaari kardai) and one small frying pan
· In small frying pan put one cup vinegar and add half kg gur and melt it on slow flame, stirring it in between to avoid burning of gur from bottom of pan
· In big kadhai, put mustard oil and let it heat till yellow color disappears and turn transparent
· Add ginger garlic paste and fry it till it turns light golden brown stirring it continuously to avoid burning
· Add rai powder and mix well
· Further add degi mirch, garam masala and salt (please make sure that salt act as preserving agent too, so no kanjoosi, a small excess salt do work well)
· Put of flames of both pans and let it cool and toss vegetables with masala and vinegar gur mixture.
· Keep aside this achar for a night, next morning extra water will be extracted from vegetables
· Take out the vegetables in separate bowl from the kadhai, leaving water and masala in the kadhai
· Again put the kadhai on flame and heat it till water is evaporated and thick gravy is left behind
· Now again cool the gravy and toss the vegetables.
· Store this achar in dry glass air tight jar.
Just have a bite of tempting khatta meetha achaar……….. Coz its ready …. J



Crunchy, tummy filling healthy snack to relish, with no guilt feeling. And guess what! recipe is too easy. So let me share how easy it is.....